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Cantilever Rack Overview

Structural Cantilever rack is usually used to store oversized heavy items. Cantilever rack comes in single or double sided variations. Cantilever rack is a great tool in saving space when storing large items such as furniture, piping, lumber, etc. Cantilever is extremely sturdy and can hold thousands and thousands of pounds. Cantilever rack can maximize storage space and give easy access to oversized and bulky items. WSN is able to supply quality New and Used structural cantilever at affordable prices.

Types of Cantilever Rack

We carry both a Structural Cantilever rack and a Roll Formed cantilever rack.

Structural cantilever rack is made of structural steel, I-Beams, and is usually completely bolted together vs. welded. Structural cantilever racks also generally hold heavier loads than roll formed cantilever.

Roll Formed cantilever is usually made out of a thinner gauged rolled steel. The arms typically lock in place without structural bolts but locking pins and are easier adjusted. Often the base and tower require a bolt to be held together along with the bracing.

Single Sided Cantilever and Double Sided Cantilever

Cantilever Racks can either be single sided or double sided. What this means is the towers can have a base and arm on either one side or both.

Add On Components and Variations

Cantilever racks are used and made for many purposes and their components can very from one rack to the next. All of the five main components can be fabricated larger or smaller, they can be structural or roll formed, be single or double sided and additional components can be added such as pipe stops (or Sockets), Arm Lips (or Bar Ends), Decking, Axle Cradles, Saddles, Drop in Deck Supports, all the way up to common Roof Stuctures and Supports. All of these components help customize your cantilever rack to accommodate your specific need.

Cantilever is Great for Storing

Tubing, Plywood, Aluminum Sheets, Lumber, Masonite Sheets, Wood Crates, Flake Board, Electrical Harness, Sheet Steel Bars, Pipe, Piping, Conduit, Plastics, Drywall, Long Fabricated Parts, Shafts, or Rods, Marble, Granite and Other Stone Products, Carpet, Automotive industry products, Awnings, doors and frames, Bulky Items, Frames and trusses, Furniture, Hardware, Insulation, Plasterboard, Windows and doors

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