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Pallet racking is a material handling storage aid system designed to (but not limited to) store palletized merchandise. Most new and used Selective pallet racks are designed to hold pallets (also called skids) and stacks of products, materials, and merchandise. Most companies use pallet jacks, pallet trucks, or forklifts to move around their inventory. Standard skids can typically weigh up to 2500 lbs. and usually measure 40"-48” in width X 48" in depth.

Pallet racks were designed to allow mass storage of items on pallets so that you can simplify the process of receiving goods to utilizing them inside your factory. Instead of having to separate goods from the pallet, you can merely store the entire thing in one single position.

There are numerous varieties of pallet rack in the industry, almost all types of rack allow for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. Pallet rack will increase your storage density with the least dense being the least expensive and costs increasing as the density of the system does. Selective rack or (Interlake / Tear Drop / Bolt up) is one of the least dense systems at a minimal cost per pallet position apposed to a gravity flow pallet rack system which is a more dense configuration and typically costs 5 to 7 times as much per pallet position. Your Lift Equipment is a primary part of the existing pallet rack system. They are usually required to place the loaded pallets onto and into the rack system for storage purposes. Pallet racks are the most essential element in most modern warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail centers, and other storage and distribution facilities.

Every pallet rack project is unique to the individual needs of the warehouse that it is inside, and immense care should be taken in order to guarantee it offers the best solution to your particular storage needs. While we are aware there are many companies that offer pallet racks for your business, we find it vastly important to choose a specialist company like WSN that offers the best possible installation, that takes into account the very specific needs of your business, and provides you with the best possible knowledge of utilizing your facility at its fullest capacity.

Warehouse Solutions Northwest offers a massive inventory of MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT, NEW and USED PALLET RACKING along with professional INSTALLATION SERVICES nationwide. We have such a wide selection of both new and used pallet racking we tend to out bid our competition 8 times out of 10. The satisfying benefits our customers can count on receiving in return for their investment is stronger warehouse efficiency, improved time management, and maximum space utilization, all of which drive overhead down and profits up.

Choose WSN and you will get a professionally ordered warehouse and storage facility that should give you much greater control over your distribution systems, and contribute to the overall efficiency of your company by creating a much more orderly system within your storage area. Using pallet racking to move and store your stock will also allow much more effective usage of your space, and allow for a larger number of cost saving benefits in the long term.

New and Used Pallet Rack Inventory

Uprights / Frames / Verticals

Beams / horizontals / cross members

WSN offers a variety of sizes and gauges of steel frames ranging from 3’ – 30’ Feet Tall with depths as narrow as 12” and as deep as 72”.

Static Capacities do Vary with manufacturers but range from 4000-28,000 LBS per bay of rack. (there are many different factors to consider when calculating capacities on storage rack.)

Please call us at 206-653-7572 or toll free at 1-877-241-1748 for currently stocked inventories.

WSN also offers a variety of sizes in cross beams ranging from 2’ – 16’ in length with face values from 2” -6” wide.

Static Capacities do Vary with manufacturers but range from 1000-8000 LBS per pair of beams.

Please call us at 206-653-7572 or toll free at 1-877-241-1748 for currently stocked inventories.

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