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We here at Warehouse Solutions Northwest know that warehouse projects are no easy task. If they were, we wouldn't be in business. We also know you're not going to rush into any rash decisions without first doing your homework. With all the budgeting, quoting, shopping, purchasing, delivering, permitting, paying, etc... involved in the process, we try to make the customers experience as pleasing as possible. Warehouse Solutions offers a number of Quality Services to assure "YOU" the customer that your project will be done as cost effectively as possible with a very minimal amount of hassle. With so many different material handling options to choose from, we want to make sure your experience with us is a satisfying one. We want to build a relationship with you as much as we would like to earn your business.

Pallet Rack Installation

Warehouse Solutions Northwest has some of the best installation professionals in the material handling industry. We have installed all different types of racking systems all over the Northwest. If an unexpected problem happens arise, (which occasionally they do) our fully trained knowledgeable installation crew usually won't skip a beat. If you have a 10 hour project, a 10 day project or even a short notice deadline to meet, our staff will do everything in its power to assure that your project will be completed on time as stated. From light duty shelving to the most sophisticated catwalk systems around, we have the knowledge to do the job right the first time and deliver on time. We can often modify your existing systems when expanding your warehouse operations to save you money or improve the layout of your pallet rack system. If your pallet rack system needs repair or modification, we can do that too. If for some reason you decide your pre existing rack will not work in your remodel, we will pay you top dollar for it.

In most cases, we will send a WSN Project Manager to your jobsite to coordinate the installation process. This project manager is the leader of this team from inventorying product deliveries, setting up prototype sections for your approval, to monitoring the installation schedule until the project has been completed to your satisfaction.

Pallet Rack Repair

All warehouses and distribution centers have impact damage caused by forklifts and reach-trucks. The damage occurs at lower levels, leaving the remainder of the upright structurally sound. WSN offers Pallet Rack Repair options to fix racking and protect them from failures or rack collapses. We will cut out the damaged areas of the rack and add a cost-efficient solution for a more impact resilient solution.

WSN offers bolt-on options with specially designed repair kits to fix low-level damage. No welding is required. These repair options are adaptable to the majority of manufacturers' pallet rack. These kits have special designs that allow you the convenience of continuing to use bottom beams in the repaired portions.

3 shift labor installation crews

Our 3 shift labor crews will work long hours and take short breaks because your project is as important to us as it is to YOU. We realize that time down is money lost so we will work around the clock to assure your project is completed as fast as we can possibly finish it. We take great pride in our 96% on time completion record.

Warehouse CAD Design & Layout

Warehouse Solutions Northwest has advanced computer modeling programs to assist with warehouse space utilization and material handling system design. With our in house CAD design and our sourced professional certified engineers, we can make your pallet racking permit process a breeze. We can analyze your facility to show which options will work best in achieving the greatest storage and handling efficiency to make the most out of your space. You get multiple hours of in house CAD design, 4 stamped (layout and detail) drawings from a certified engineer (1 for you the customer and 3 for the city) along with all of the Seismic and Static calculations for your particular project. This package also includes any necessary load bearing placards and submittal to the City assuming we have access to all of the needed information. All of the local municipalities require this information in one way or another. W.S.N. wants your business and we will do everything in our power to get it. WSN understands the urgency of meeting your deadlines and meeting your design and layout needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will provide you with outstanding customer service and the best material handling system for your dollar Guaranteed.

Warehouse Consulting

Call the professionals the first time around! WSN is a turnkey operation that provides only solutions for every project. By an A-Z turnkey operation, we mean everything from tear outs of existing materials to design, engineering, installation, training and support all the way down to product safety inspections. We can even help move your product for you from state to state in most cases.

WSN is equally proficient at implementing solutions utilizing new, used or refurbished material. Our experience is not limited to any specific make or manufacturer like a lot of the competition, but rather in finding the proper most economical materials that provide the most suitable and cost effective solutions your business needs.

Don’t let project management disrupt your day to day operations. Let us manage the project for you. We are the professionals. We can manage almost all aspects of any project for you. This helps free up a good amount of our clients time to focus more on running their business and not getting sidetracked with project management.

We will try and work with your existing materials. WSN will utilize our customers existing materials and components whenever we can. The advantages to doing this will reduce costs and save the client money!

Free Consultations Anywhere / Anytime! All consultations are free in state or out of state. Give us a call to schedule an appointment when ever and wherever you happen to be. We love to travel. Who knows, we just might happen to have a Crew and a Sales Rep in your area.

Warehouse Solutions Northwest has assisted companies throughout the Northwest in designing, laying out and applying industrial & warehouse storage solutions with installations of new and used pallet racks and material handling systems of all kinds. Consulting is a key part of our profession, as well as installation of pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions. We have years of experience in the material handling Industry and we are certain we will provide you the help you need to develop the best material handling system for your company. W.S.N. stays current with the knowledge necessary to help you make the most efficient and cost effective decisions for your material handling needs. We also have access to material handling equipment that encompasses everything from load placards to buildings built directly from pallet racks. Your decision is backed by a knowledgeable staff that will fit the proper materials into your warehouse, as well as your budget. We can provide you with an A-Z operation from initial consulting all the way through to your final inspection.

Free Local Delivery! Sunshine, Rain, or Snow, we will try our best to get your materials to you at the earliest time possible. Instead of raising our delivery rates as the majority of our competitors have done we decided to offer all of our local customers free Delivery. You pay enough at the pump for your own fuel, you shouldn’t have to pay for ours too.

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