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Bollards: are designed to stop heavy machinery. They provide maximum security against forklift damage to racks or building structures.

They will help reduce damage and costly repairs and minimize maintenance.

Column protectors: are an Economical way to protect your investment against damage to your pallet racks or ordinary wall corners from all warehouse equipment such as forklifts, reach trucks, pallet jacks, and all other mobile equipment.

Column protectors are lightweight and very easy to install to any surface.

These protectors are available in a variety of sizes ranging for 6” on up to 72”

Column protectors are designed to prevent or minimize costly damage to steel columns pipe, or tubing.

Drum cradles: An economical way to store drums. Can be safely added to your pallet rack configuration to store large quantities of drums.

Drum cradles can be order in a single configuration or in multiple configuration to not only accommodate 1 barrel but to utilize entire shelves. WSN also carries other barrel moving and storage equipment.

Pallet Supports: Very easy installation. Just drop into place. Usually 2 or 3 under each pallet position. A great alternative to the mesh wire deck. These usually have a flanged design for a tight and secure fit. Standard sizes fit most standard step beams. WSN can do custom sizes upon request.

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