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Row Spacers: are designed to add structural stability between two back to back bays of racking. Not only do they help keep consistency during the installation process but will help evenly space your pallets in a back to back configuration. A must have when working with back to back pallet positions.

Wall ties: Another great alternative to your recommended anchor bolt. Wall ties help secure pallet racking to the walls of your facility. Use these on the pallet racking closest to the walls. These will help minimize the possibility of a catastrophic collapse in a seismic event.

Pallety Rack Safety Netting: Please call for pricing and availability!!

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Mesh wire decking is a stronger safer and more efficient way to store material than your traditional methods.

The increased capacity, easy installation, easy maintenance, improved air circulation, minimized dirt and grime build up, and increased overhead sprinkler effectiveness are just some of the advantages of using mesh wire decking. Best of all, they meet most local fire code standards.

Mesh decking comes in a wide variety of sizes and can be custom made to fit any size beam. Your standard 3 channel decks are typically rated at 2500 lbs (with the weight evenly disbursed).





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